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In case your pharmacist mentioned that they are unable to process your savings card, rest assured that is not correct. Our systems are fully operational.


To help your pharmacist process your savings card, please take a screenshot of the instructions provided here and share it with them.

Instructions for ALL Pharmacies

1) Submit the primary claim to patient's insurance provider for this prescription

2) Submit the Savings car as secondary transaction using one of the applicable coverage codes below



Use Code

OCC 08


Not Covered

Use Code

OCC 03

3) The secondary transaction should be submitted to Capital Rx using the Group (06780144), BIN (610852), PCN (2001) and Patient ID on the Savings card

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each pharmacy may have its own set of processing systems and procedures. As such, these instructions may not always work

To Troubleshoot

Please call 877-938-4766

If your pharmacist needs further assistance, please have them call us at 877-938-4766, Press 1 for someone to assist you during regular business hours 8am to 9pm EST


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