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Leveraging proprietary technologies to address significant unmet medical needs.

DELEXIS® - Proprietary Drug Delivery Platform ("DDP")

Ironshore Pharmaceuticals & Development, Inc. has developed a novel oral, once-daily, drug delivery technology. DELEXIS has delayed-release properties that limit the release of the medication overnight and extended-release properties that control the release of the medication throughout the following day.

The DELEXIS Method of Action

Learn more about the DELEXIS DDP's micro-bead technology, and how it works to delay the absorption of drug doses.

DELEXIS in the GI Tract

Watch the DELEXIS micro-beads in action and see the controlled release of drugs as the beads move through a patient from ingestion to absorption.

The DELEXIS Platform in Application

Learn how the DELEXIS DDP can be used to optimize the delivery of existing medicines.